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You can be part of “T9ZONE” family member by simple procedure.

If you register: you can enjoy shopping more easily and more conveniently by using my page after logging in. You can check the delivery status. You can view the purchase history. You can use wishlist (shopping cart). You can earn and save “T9ZONE” mileage. You can join by clicking “Register Now” or when placing an order.



Benefits of Membership


Private business and corporate clients.
FAQ Contact or email

10% discount on purchases, earn 2% more
FRIENDS Join / FAQ Contact or email

Cumulative amount of the total purchase: more than 2 million won
5% discount on purchases, 2% point

The total purchase price: from 1 million to 2 million won or less;
3% discount for purchases, 2% poimt.

The total purchase price three months: purchase of 500,000 to 1,000,000 won.
2% discount on purchases, 2% point

New members / 3 months cumulative amount of purchase purchase of less than ₩ 500,000
1% discount on the purchase, 2% point.


Ordering Information


Product order is processed in following steps:

Step1: Select Product or Product Search
Step2: Add to Cart
Log in as member or order as non-Member
Step4: create order
Step5: Choose the payment method
then make payment
Step6: Success
order screen (order number)


For non-member ordering customers, please note the order number and authorization number (for credit card payment) in step 6.
For member ordering customers, this information will be automatically saved.

Billing Information

Payment is available with WON, YEN, Dollar, and YUAN. You can choose the payment method among: VISA, MASTER, JCB, Cash, Bank transfer, and etc.


"Credit card, bank transfer" are available. For Japanese Yen payment, "Credit Card (JCB) and a bank or post office transfer" is available. For Korea Won payment, "Credit Card (ISP) and bank transfer" is available. For U.S. dollar payments, only "VISA, MASTER” are available.


For credit cards payment, “VISA, MASTER, JCB” are available. (You can only use your credit card.) The credit companies will charge with “Axes Payment” name. Depends on credit card company’s terms and condition, the payment will be automatically paid off from the account.


Shipping Information

“T9ZONE” delivery method includes “International Mail” and the international Express Mail (EMS), FEDEX, and SAGAWA. (Beneficial for shipment tracking, lost items) You can choose your delivery method depends on your product and country.


Regularly, delivery (regular international mail) cannot be tracked. The delivery takes about 12 to 28 days. Because it is an international overseas shipping, depends on the holidays or time difference, the shipment may delay or take longer than usual. If the item is not delivered for over 1 month, please request to the customer service then we will get back to you in 2 business days.


The delivery is available for all countries that regular international mail and EMS can deliver to. You can check the available shipping countries on “Delivery country”.


Exchange / Return / Refund Information

"T9ZONE" is an overseas sale so return is only available when the product has a problem or there is a shipping error. Return due to customer’s issue is not possible. (If the shipping country is same as shipped country, return may be available for certain cases.) If you want to return, please request on “Product return” page after logging in and wait for the return guidance.


The regular shipping does not include lost/delivery tracking. Because we cannot track the package, we are unable to determine the status of the delivery. Also, for certain circumstances, regular shipping may take more than 30 days until delivery completion. However we do refund for certain circumstances such as returned package due to wrong address. If the payment was made by credit card, the refund is unavailable in cash or bank deposit so please note that the refund will be made by the points/mileage.


Accessories, underwear, swimwear, and items that are wrapped with a special sticker cannot be returned or exchanged. It will be considers as worn items. Bags, purse, wallets, cosmetics, and items with sizes (hand made items, shoes, custom dress, etc.) and items that are inadvertently damaged, items without labels or tags cannot be returned or exchange.


Cancellation Information

You can only cancel the items that have not been shipped yet. If the status is “shipping pending”, please contact us immediately. There will be a cancellation fee if the payment was made through bank deposit. There is no cancellation fee for credit card but there will be 5% of cancellation fee if the item was shipped already.


Points Information

You receive the points when the product is ordered and you can use the points as cash for the next order. You can see the points on my page. (Points cannot be convertible to cash.)


"T9ZONE" has up to 10 levels of member rank and there are different benefits, such as discounts, per each levels of rank. You can level up by number of order and total amount of purchase. (1~5% of the purchased amount is issued as points.)