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 Is membership free?

 “Gtrade” membership is free. There is no charge for registration or annual fee.


What are the benefits of membership?

If you are a member: You can shop easier by logging in and by using my page. You can check the shopping history. You can check the shipping status. You can use the wish list (cart). You can earn and use “Gtrade” point mileage. You can register by clicking “Join” or when placing an order.


What’s on “my page”?

Shopping history, payment method, customer service, points or mileage earnings, order cancellation, mail or magazine service is available.


 I forgot my password.

You will receive a temporary password if you enter the id and e-mail address on login page. Check your e-mail for temporary password and log in then change to your own password. If you do not receive the temporary password, please request to the customer service.


 I want to change my personal information.

You can change all information except ID on [my page>account setting] after logging in. If you wish to change the ID, you will have to delete your current account and re-register with another ID.

However, if you delete you account, you will lose all information and earned points.


How do I delete my account? Am I able to re-register?

You can delete your account my logging in then going into [my page>delete account]. You will be able to delete the account right away after requesting.

After deleting the account, you cannot register with same ID for the next 3 months but is still available with different ID.


Can I still receive the items I ordered before I deleted the account?

Once you delete the account, all your personal information is also deleted so it is hard to verify your order.

Please request to the customer service.


After deleting the account, what happens to the coupon or mileage?

The coupons or mileage is automatically deleted after deleting the account so please use all before deleting the account.


What happens to the personal information after deleting the account?

Once you delete the account, the information related to the account is also deleted. The points, coupons, or mileage will also be deleted so please use all before deleting the account.