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What kind of payment do you accept?

Won, yen, dollar, yuan payment is available. You can choose the payment method among VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, Korea won payment by bank transfer, Japanese yen payment by bank transfer.


Can I shop with out registering membership?

You can still shop without registering for a membership at Gtrade. However, registered member can get mileage benefits and my page access and helps you to enjoy an easier shopping.


I do not know how to order.

Review the product detail page and click on 'Add to Cart' if you want to place an order of that product. Click on 'Order' after selecting shipping method of the item added to the cart.


What are the payment methods?

"Credit card and bank transfer" are available. "Credit card (JCB) and Bank, Post office transfer" are available for Japanese Yen payment. "Credit card (ISP) and bank transfer" are available for Korea Won payment. "VISA and MASTERCARD" are available for U.S. dollar payment.


AXES Payment screen is displayed.

"Gtrade" uses AXES Payment service. Zero is a "ISO27001" certified company and is also a "Privacy Mark" certified operator. Gtrade holds Internet business's essential payment methods and manages and operates online payments. Gtrade offers AXES Payment in order to provide safety/security/easy payment transactions. AXES Payment Customer Support (Open All Year) TEL 0570-03-6000 or TEL +81 (0)3-3498-6200 Email:


Available credit card types?

Credit cards "VISA, MASTER, JCB" are available. (My credit card is available.) For each credit card company by users "Axes Payment" as people claim. Payment in accordance with the terms and conditions of each credit card company and customer contracts will debit from your account.


Is credit card installment available?

Only out-of-pocket payment is available for credit card payments.


How is the money transfer fee paid?

You will have to pay the transfer fee.


By when do I have to transfer the payment after placing order?

Please make the payment within 3 business days after order. If the payment is not made after 3 days, the order will be automatically cancelled.


I want to confirm the payment.

You can verify the deposit on "AXES Payment" and you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address entered. If you have not received any confirmation e-mail, please contact "ACES Payment" customer center.


What's the bank account name for deposit payment?

It is "Axes" Ltd. "Axes" Ltd. is a authorized agent from the site. Your deposit information is managed and controlled by the payment system of "Axes".


Do you issue receipts?

Because "Gtrade" is a individual agent, the order placed at head office's country may receive receipts. However, the countries ordered outside of head office's country, issue of receipt is unavailable. Please note that we send "Axes Payment" billing statement when making a payment so please consider the mail as an alternative receipts.


Do you take orders by phone call?

Please understand that "Gtrade" only takes order by online.


I would like to change the payment method after placing an order.

Sorry but it is not possible to change the payment method after placing an order. If you have not transferred the money yet, you can cancel the order and reorder with different payment method. When cancelling the order, please contact the customer center TEL: (+81) 123-456-7890, Email: 2.


I want to check if the order is correct.

You can check after logging in then click on [My Page> Orders / Shipping Tracking]. If you select the order number, you can see the order/shipping inquiry such as [Ordered]> [payment received]> [Shipping]> [Shipped]. If you click on the 'Delivery Inquiry', you can see the detail location and shipping company's contacts as well.