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What is "Gtrade"?

"Gtrade" is a global sales site that introduces variety of products from many top companies in the world. "Gtrade" is building a thick trust with the companies and consumers by providing an affordable shopping experience since the opening in 2013.


What is the safety shopping system of "Gtrade"?

"Gtrade" is fully in charge and responsible for the product that has not been delivered after the order, fake product delivery, or wrong product delivery.


What’s a personal income?

"Gtrade" products are either international direct shipping product or personal income product. Personal use of personal income: the imported products are responsible for individual selling so absolutely cannot be transferable to other personal seller. In case of international shipment, the product information or details may not be in customer's language so please verify when taking the order. Also, when the quantity of the order is not appropriate, we are able to cancel the order. For more information, please review the custom details of the purchasing item.


I did not receive the e-mail.

There are several reasons of e-mails not being received. It may be classified as spam mail or the e-mail you have registered may have a type-o. If you can e-mail the correct e-mail address, we will reconfirm the mail.


Is there a warranty for repair of the purchased goods?

The information about repair and warranty is provided in the item description. Please review the description before placing the order or leave a question and we will get back to you.


Can I purchase by mobile?

Yes you can purchase through your mobile phone. The system is optimized for mobile screen size.


Do you do gift-wrapping?

Gift-wrapping is available for certain items only. You are able to select for gift-wrapping for those items on product detail page.


What are the custom duties?

In general, there is a certain limit for the personal income for each country. The custom fees, duties, consumption taxes may apply from the country that was shipped. In addition, we are not responsible for the lost items or incineration disposal during the customs clearance for imported goods. In addition, please note that when the amount of income exceeds the regulatory order by customs, we cannot guarantee and is the responsible. Personal income has a limitation on quantity and amount when importing so please purchase within the regulation range. Note: "Gtrade" does the refund for the product that was disposed by the customs.


About SSL

The internet consumers use in general is non-SSL, which can easily take the personal information. In other words, your personal information may maliciously use by others. Once the information is stored through SSL encryption the information cannot be stolen. "Gtrade" is applying 128-bit encryption in order to provide the safest shopping experience to the customer through SSL encryption. All systems carrying personal information screen, log in screen, credit card screen is all protected by SSL encryption and is secured.