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 Until when can I make the cancellation? Is there a cancellation fee?

You can only cancel the items that have not been shipped yet. If the status is “shipping pending”, please contact us immediately. There will be a cancellation fee if the payment was made through bank deposit. There is no cancellation fee for credit card but there will be 5% of cancellation fee if the item was shipped already.


Can I return the item?

"Gtrade" is an overseas sale so return is only available when the product has a problem or there is a shipping error. Return due to customer’s issue is not possible. (If the shipping country is same as shipped country, return may be available for certain cases.) If you want to return, please request on “Product return” page after logging in and wait for the return guidance.


 What’s the return period?

You can return the item within 30 days after the product was shipped.


What cases cannot be returned?

The following cases cannot be returned By customer convenience returns, after completion of shipment, general delivery (small package, document) products (exceptions apply), used items, removed tags items, damaged by the loss of customers / stained products, food / pharmaceutical, when status of shipment is complete, after 30 days of shipment, ※ returned items due to unclear shipping address can be refunded. If the shipping country is same as shipped country, return may be available for certain cases.


Why can’t regular shipping (small package, document) be returned?

The regular shipping does not include lost/delivery tracking. Because we cannot track the package, we are unable to determine the status of the delivery. Also, for certain circumstances, regular shipping may take more than 30 days until delivery completion. However we do refund for certain circumstances such as returned package due to wrong address. If the payment was made by credit card, the refund is unavailable in cash or bank deposit so please note that the refund will be made by the points/mileage.


 I would like to return, but will I have to ship abroad?

Japan, China, U.S., and South Korea have an “Gtrade” return center. Please make the return request and we will give you the address for return.


 What are return shipping charges?

For company’s error: In case of product error or shipping error, the shipping charge will be covered by the company. Please ship by making direct bill to “Gtrade”. However, in case of consumer’s circumstances: Returning due to customer’s mind change, customer’s error in placing order (image difference, size difference, quantity mistakes, etc) only. Consumer will have to pay all amounts in return shipping.


Refund to credit card after return

In case of credit card payment: will be taken care by the credit card company or "Gtrade". If you want the refund to credit cards, the payment cancellation will be made to the card company after confirming the return. All credit card company’s deadline is different, the refund date may vary depends on the situation. In case of customer’s error return, the cancellation fee will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. In case of company’s error return (credit card refund, “Gtrade” mileage refund): full amount refund; in case of customer’s error return (credit card refund, “Gtrade” mileage refund)(Only for same country customers): product price minus cancellation fee = refund amount.


Refund to mileage after return

In case of paying the refund amount by depositing, the refund can be made by "Gtrade". In case for deposit, you will have to pay (1,000 WON) for additional charge due to payment system processing. In case of company's error, amount of produce minus (1,000WON) = refund amount. In case of "Gtrade" refund, full amount will be refunded as mileage/points. For those who are in same country, in case of customer's error, for deposits, amount of product minus 5% of settlement fee will be refunded. For those who wants refund to mileage/points: amount of product minus 5% of settlement fee will be added as points.


 Why are you charging the settlement fee for mileage refund when it is company's error?

"Gtrade" is an overseas corporation which does not own any bank accounts in your country. We use a separate billing company for payments; therefore, the billing company will have to charge the transfer fee even for company error refunds.


 Is it possible to replace?

Replacement is available for certain cases only, such as, product error or delivery error. 


When replacing the carriage?

Exchange shipping costs will be borne by us.


 Do you charge for replacement shipping?

It is company's responsibility, so customer will not be charged.